Tutankhamun Winged Scarab Pendant on Chain

  • Tutankhamun Winged Scarab Pendant on Chain
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Product Description: This Tutankhamun Winged Scarab Pendant is made from metal with stunning and colourful enamel inlay. The Tutankhamun winged scarab is supplied on a gold chain. The pendant is mounted on a fold-over information card, which has images of a wadjet eye pectoral with hieroglyphics down the sides on the front. There are two different pendants available, so on the reverse there are images of the two original pendants together with a description of both.

Information: This beautiful pectoral pendant is copied from the original found in the tomb of Tutankhamun and illustrates the finest workmanship of the early Egyptian jewellers.

Winged Scarab pectoral illustrating the throne name of King Tutankhamun, “NEB-KHEPREU-RE.” The central element is the scarab “KHEPRI” originally made from a fine piece of lapis lazuli, and three strokes (the hieroglyphic sign meaning plural) below it.

Between the forelegs of the scarab the sun disc ‘RE’ is depicted. The pectoral was made of a clear red carnelian set in gold which represents the ball of mud and dung containing its eggs that was rolled forward by the beetle. Beneath the three strokes is another hieroglyphic (the basket shape ‘Neb’), inlaid with turquoise, meaning ‘Lord or authority of King’.

The wings that are often added to the scarab represent ‘RE’, the god of the rising sun. They sweep round to form an almost complete circle, enveloping the Royal name and offering it divine protection. The scarab pushes the sun (disc) above the horizon and sits on a neb (hieroglyphic sign for basket), signifying its divine nature.

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