Julius Caesar Coin Set of 3 Coins

  • Julius Caesar Coin Set of 3 Coins
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Product Description: This Julius Caesar Coin Set of 3 Coins has reproduction coins celebrating Julius Caesar’s life attached to the front of a card. The coins are a Denarius with Elephant, a Denarius with Portrait of Caesar and a posthumous Denarius. Each coin was moulded directly from an original and is made from lead-free pewter. The coins are double-sided and are stuck onto the information card. The coin set has an image of a bust of Julius Caesar on the front and historical information about Julius Caesar and the coins on the reverse.

Information: Gaius Julius Caesar was born on 12th July 100 B.C. In his later years he became a Roman general and statesman and a member of the First Triumvirate.

Caesar led the Roman armies first forays into Britain (Britannia) in 55 B.C – 54 B.C. and in 52 B.C defeated the Gauls, under Vercingetorix, in the Gallic wars. He also defeated his political rival Pompey in a civil war and subsequently became Dictator from 49 B.C until his assassination in 44 B.C.

‘Elephant’ Denarius - Caesar had recently led his troops across the Rubicon and arrived in a Rome deserted by his political enemies. He addressed the remaining Senators and managed to procure vast quantities of public precious metals. This silver and gold was used for striking coins, such as this so-called ‘elephant’ denarius, the first coin directly attested to the Caesarian side during the civil war and used to pay his troops. The obverse shows an elephant representing Caesar stamping on a serpent, his enemies.

Caesar ‘first portrait’ Denarius - This silver denarius is the first portrait issue coin of Caesar, struck by the moneyer Marcus Mettius, an early supporter of Caesar’s who had carried out important military and diplomatic duties during the Gallic and Civil wars. The obverse legend acclaims Caesar as Dictator for the fourth time (QVART). In February 44 B.C Caesar was acclaimed as Dictator in Perpetuity. The reverse shows the Roman goddess Juno wearing a goat skin headdress, in a chariot brandishing a spear.

‘Posthumous’ Denarius - This posthumous coin was struck by the moneyer Quintus Voconius Vitulus. This coin is dedicated to Julius Caesar who was assassinated in 44 B.C. Caesar was deified after a senate resolution in 42 B.C and this is shown in the title to the right of his bust, DIVI IVLI. The lituus behind his bust shows that he was a member of the priestly Augurs.

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