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Product Description: This 4cm tall single Gladiator figure is made from lead-free pewter. There are four different figures being, Secutor, Retiarius, Thracian and Samnite. The figure is mounted on an information card that is full colour with an image from a gladiator mosaic on the front and has historical information on the reverse, together with an image of all four of the Gladiator figures to collect.

Information: Gladiators were trained to fight each other or against animals, sometimes to the death. They would fight for the entertainment of the crowds in arenas and amphitheatres.

  • The Secutor was specifically developed to fight the retiarius. He had a tall rectangular shield, a short stabbing sword (gladius) and a helmet that covered his entire face.
  • The Retiarius carried a trident, a dagger and a net, a large armguard (manica) extended to the shoulder and left side of the chest. They commonly fought secutores or mirmillones.
  • The Thracian was equipped with a broad-rimmed helmet that enclosed the entire head, a small round or square-shaped shield, and two thigh-length greaves. His weapon was the Thracian curved sword (sica).
  • The Samnite used a large oblong shield (scutum) and wore a greave (ocrea) on his left leg. He also wore a visored helmet (galea) with a large crest and was armed with a sword (gladius).

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