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Westair Reproductions is a fast moving company, so in this section you will find the latest news about changes at Westair, new products and ranges and information to keep our customers up to date.
Date Article
The westair.co.uk website has been updated to reflect the new products and prices, the latest brochure can be downloaded, the exhibitions being attended for 2017 are shown and the latest barcode list is available to view and download.
As part of our 2017 product launch an number of new ranges have been added: World of Transport, Aviation, Welsh and Mackintosh.
Westair has completely overhauled a number of existing ranges. This includes new models and packaging. The ranges include: Scottish, Ocean Life, Wildlife and Country Life.
The rates to calculate the prices for our American US$ prices have been reduced. This means that US$ prices across the entire Westair Reproductions range will be reduced. (Note: If UK prices have increased, then these will be reflected in the US$ price)